A difficult task this one. As the euphoria and level of involvement with this course waxes and wanes, it is a complex task to actually sit down and summarise the last 12 weeks. On top of this is the busyness of work at this time of year and the need to wait for and then absorb the feedback on the previous assessment tasks.

Then, there is the intimidation of  seeing the highly creative and polished responses like Lisa’s movie, Bradley’s CMap construction and the Drexler production based on the Common Craft model. All different, all fantastic.

So how do I follow my theme from throughout this course of attempting to apply the principles and learnings to my specific work situation? I decided on a version of a digital story with all its strengths and weaknesses. Like all assignments it helped me to crytallise what I had learnt from CCK08 and well as learning a new set of technology skills I didn’t have before. I created this in Adobe Photoshop Elements (v4.0) and exported it as a pdf.

cck08_final_gc (please click at the end of each slide to advance).

I look forward to any comments.