Well, about to begin and the instructions from George and Stephen are coming thick and fast. They are clear and accurate but with a level of assumed knowledge eg about tagging. There is always a balancing act between too much information and not enough. The course outline wiki is a really big help. One of the tricks for me will be knowing when and how to use the wiki vs the blog vs the Moodle site. At this stage I have set aside a fixed time each week to engage – I need that discipline.

I won’t be able to participate in the Elluminate sessions as this software is not available at my workplace. I’ll catch recordings of the UStream session as the live session occurs at 2am local time. Hope this doesn’t interfere.

In terms of setting similar structures for my own students this exercise will be invaluable.

Also interested in the readings, it’s been a long time since I’ve studied formally and I find I am skipping quickly through the stuff that doesn’t grab me and engaging with the other stuff I like.